2010 Elijah Project

Last Update:  1:40pm on Saturday, Aug 21st  (LAUNCH PICTURES!)

Check out a video from the camera that was attached to the payload here!

Under the direction of Milwaukee School of Engineering's Dr. Farrow with support from the Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium and NASA, six students will design and fabricate experiments to be carried out on a high-altitude balloon this summer.  The goal is to investigate the phenomena of near-space (stratosphere) at altitudes up to and sometimes exceeding 100,000 feet.  In doing so, the team is allowed two payloads- one 6-lbs payload and one 2-lbs payload.  This site gives insight into the chosen experiments and tracks the weekly progress.

Click the link below for our interim report.
2010 Elijah Project Interim Report.pdf 2010 Elijah Project Interim Report.pdf
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Type : pdf


 Shown to the right is OUR BALLOON bursting at around 90,000 feet!


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